Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nail Health

It's interesting to read how your skin, hair, nails, eyes, etc. can show you where your diet is lacking in nutrients.  It appeals to my desire to be my own doctor/nutritionist.  If you do a quick web search, you can find some lovely slideshows that demonstrate how fingernails can indicate the status of your health.  I had been noticing white spots on my nails, which were also breaking before they could grow long.  It was driving me nuts, partially out of vanity but also because I know that spots, dips, cracks etc. in nails indicate that your health is suboptimal.

Over the last month, my nails have become less brittle, but the white spots are still there.  Consequently, this is a symptom of zinc deficiency!   I'm hoping that since the spots are toward the ends of my nails, the problem may have gotten better!  I have been taking the zinc picolinate 50mg supplement more or less every day.  Also, I borrowed some rubber gloves from the physics lab on campus, so tonight I will cover my hands in petroleum jelly, glove up, and hopefully wake up to hands as soft as an infant.

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